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100% PURITY.


Wood-Smoked By

Freshly Cut Timber.

Welcome To Smoky Brands

Smoke-BakedTM Superiority

Smoky Brands International LLC (SBI) is redefining the smoked meat and fish industry with a truly pure process that separates us from the competition. Our meats and fish are nutritionally wholesome with delicious, authentic smoky flavor created by burning freshly cut hickory wood. No Sugar. Very Limited Sodium.  No brining or curing. That is the Smoky Brands difference.


Smok’n the Competition

Our competitors smoke food too, but by using standardized smokehouse-type ovens that utilize smoke generators that merely smolder hickory “sawdust” to create smoke. Their fish and meat are smoked while being cooked by gas or electric heat with added moisture and high concentrations of water, sodium, sugar and various additives and preservatives.


Freshness Rekindled

The SBI cooking methodology is truly an art. Our wood-burning oven system delicately Smoke-Bakes fish, beef, pork, poultry and lamb with intensely moist smoke-heat generated from the firebox. Only natural spices and herbs are applied as seasonings. The result?  Incredibly tender, moist, and tantalizingly flavorful Smoke-Baked meat and fish. Our products are fully-cooked, portioned and vacuum-packaged for convenience, freshness and ease of preparation by home consumers and foodservice operators.


Dreams Coming to Fruition

SBI is the culmination of many years in development, representing the emotional and financial dreams of the many seed shareholders who have invested considerable sums over the past years to help move the Smoky Market enterprise successfully through its developmental and proverbial learning curve stages.  We produce the most authentic and genuinely wholesome, nutritious and flavorful ready-to-eat, Smoke-Baked foods sold on the planet; SBI is bringing this artisan quality to market!

Smoky Market

You speak, we listen.  Tantalizing smoky flavor, purity of process, and true nutritional healthfulness at an amazing price point, with the added value of real convenience – Smoky Market is a “life-style” brand of Smoke-Baked goodness, delivering fully-cooked, portioned and vacuum-packaged fish & meat delicacies that are high protein, low carb and delightfully tasty.  From eight-year-olds to seniors, the delectable flavor and ease of preparation for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks in between brings culinary dining simplicity and pleasure to all ages; our labor-saving convenience and quality consistency appeals to foodservice operators seeking to enhance their menu offering and increase their income.

Watch for introductory menu items of Smoky Market brand foods to begin appearing in your neighborhood very soon; use our store and restaurant locators.  You Never Had It Soooo Good!

menu line of smoke-bakedtm foods


(Individual portions that are ready to “heat’n serve.”)

Pork Loin “Baby Back” Ribs

Pork “Country-Style” Ribs

Pork Loin Roast

(Including boneless “Americas Cut” entrée portions)

Pork Loin “Iowa Chop”

Beef Back Ribs

Prime Rib of Beef

Beef Fillet & Rib-Eye Steaks

Boneless Chicken Breast

(Hand-Pulled for unique, natural portion)

Jumbo Chicken Thigh

Cornish Game Hen

Turkey Breast, Thigh & Leg

Rack of Lamb

(Also with Teriyaki marinade)

Lamb Rib & Loin Chops


Salmon, Sable, Sea Bass & Whitefish


(Meat & fish is sliced, pulled, cut or flaked; perfect for sandwiches or add to salads, tacos, casseroles & soups.)

Beef Sirloin “Tri-Tip”

Pork Loin & Pork Shoulder

Chicken Meat & Turkey Breast

Beef, Pork & Turkey Burgers & Salmon Burgers


Hickory Smoke-Baked Beans

Southern-Style BarBQ Dipp’n Sauce

Kosher Certified (OU) beef, poultry, lamb, duck & fish

Organic meat & poultry

Gourmet items (quiche, tart, pizza, calzone) with salmon, pork & chicken

Smoky Chef

SmokyChef is an innovative fast-casual concept bringing exciting entrepreneurial opportunity to culinary-trained chefs with six-month to four-year foodservice degrees, and will deliver an enticing menu of Smoke-Baked cuisine to the masses, and without handling raw product on-site. Combining the most advantageous aspects of franchising and partnership that will foster personal creativity and drive, we call it a “Franship.”

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Smoked food fast-casual dining is virtually the last frontier of specialty foodservice not yet nationalized by a major chain. SmokyChef is poised to pave the way.  The unique operating feature of SmokyChef is that the chef-owner employs his or her own creativity in developing half the menu with entrées and recipes using our Smoke-Baked meat and fish as key ingredients, and highlighted by their creative sauces; consumers will enjoy experiencing both the menu consistency of a national chain, and the culinary creativity of a bistro operator.


We will re-invest a substantial amount of our packaged foods revenue into the launch of our national SmokyChef concept, which will be modeled in part after a highly successful franchise platform.  A qualified culinary-degreed chef, with a minimum six-month foodservice degree, will make a small investment to cover his or her inventory, supplies, and budgetary expenses to become an operating partner with SBI in the SmokyChef concept type they wish; from modular self-contained kitchens to pre-fabricated buildings, they can grow multiple concept units and will eventually vest into 80% ownership of each concept.


Our development plan for SmokyChef ensures the deployment of our brand and Smoke-Baked product line, and especially enables the acceleration of culinary careers.  Every year several thousand talented chefs earn a degree in some form only to find themselves in low-paying foodservice jobs or even out of the industry altogether. In our minds, every chef deserves to be a SmokyChef.